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Stainless steel tube and profile daily review
Source:Xinsteel   Date:2020/4/18
Tubing: The tubing market today is dominated by stable and strong operations. The quoted prices of mainstream manufacturers for seamless pipes have increased slightly by RMB 100 / ton. The market inquiry atmosphere is better, but customers are still hesitant to actually place orders due to unstable quotes. The welded pipe market saw a relatively large increase in the early period, and the enquiries gradually returned to calm in the past two days. And as the second half of the year approaches, considering the sales task, mainstream manufacturers have said that the price is mainly to wait and see. It is expected that the pipe market in the later period will run steadily.
Profiles: The profile market is steadily strengthening. In terms of round steel, Qingshan continued to close the market, but with the strong rise in nickel prices in the afternoon, Wuxi traders saw a slight increase, around 100 yuan / ton. Flat-angle channel steel price stabilization is still the main theme, and mainstream manufacturers said that shipments next week will remain the theme. Mainstream wire manufacturers will not adjust their prices for the time being, but the trend of raw materials will remain strong in the following week, and the market will still have the possibility to increase. The profile market is expected to fluctuate slightly in the later period.