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Introduction of stainless steel for subway
Source:Xinsteel   Date:2020/4/17
Since the use of lightweight vehicle bodies can reduce the maintenance costs of vehicles and lines and save energy, stainless steel and aluminum alloy vehicles are increasingly used. With the substantial increase in the domestic subway B-type car market demand and the introduction of stainless steel car body manufacturing technology, lightweight stainless steel car bodies will be gradually promoted and applied.
The lightweight stainless steel car body should be made of special stainless steel for vehicles, and the materials are SUS301L and SUS304. The content of Ni and Cr in SUS301L is less than that of SUS304, and its yield limit ratio (yield strength / tensile strength) is not more than 0.8, so it has better stamping performance and can improve its tensile strength through cold stamping . The tensile strength of SUS301L material is divided into 6 levels.