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Stainless steel tube and profile daily review 04.20
Source:Xinsteel   Date:2020/4/21
Tubing: The tubing market as a whole is operating with stability and strongness. In terms of seamless pipes, the prices of mainstream manufacturers have slightly increased due to the opening of Qingshan raw materials. Under the stimulus of price increases, today ’s enquiries have also increased, but they are still mainly based on price comparisons. The quotations of mainstream welded pipe manufacturers are mainly stabilized for the time being, the number of inquiries has declined slightly, and the market wait-and-see sentiment dominates. If the price of raw materials is firm, the pipe market in the later period will also be dominated by stable operation.
Profiles: The profile market is more volatile today. In terms of round steel, Castle Peak rose 400 yuan / ton at the start, and currently reported 12300 yuan / ton at 304, and then traders in the Wuxi market also increased by 100-300 yuan / ton. The enquiry situation has improved, and the actual purchase operation has been delayed. The flat-angle channel steel market is showing signs of upward adjustment, with mainstream manufacturers 304 products raised by 300 yuan / ton. The trading atmosphere is average. In terms of wire rod, Castle Peak is still closed, and Dainan market has a slight price adjustment. Current demand performance is average, and the willingness to place orders is not strong. It is expected that the profile market in the later period will run at a stable price.