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405 stainless steel performance and use
Source:Xinsteel   Date:2020/9/9
405 stainless steel (06Cr13Al) is made by adding 0.10%-0.30% aluminum to ferritic stainless steel 06Cr13. 405 stainless steel is a low-chromium ferritic stainless steel, not hardened steel. Adding aluminum can improve the oxidation resistance of steel, and its plasticity, toughness and cold formability are better than other ferritic stainless steels with higher chromium content. It can also be used as heat-resistant steel. 405 stainless steel is characterized by no significant hardening after cooling from high temperature.
405 stainless steel is mainly used for steam turbine materials, heat treatment components, pressure vessel linings, petroleum refining equipment, etc. Used as annealing box, quenching tank, anti-oxidation parts assembly.