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Heat treatment of 12Cr1MoVG seamless steel pipe
Source:Xinsteel   Date:2020/4/15
According to the heat treatment process and results of laboratory tests, taking the laboratory's process parameters for the 12Cr1MoVG quenching and tempering test as the guide, combined with the heat treatment requirements for the steel grade in GB 5310-1995, the wall thickness characteristics of this specification are fully considered Develop a reasonable heat treatment process to heat treat the entire tube blank. The heat treatment equipment is a chamber furnace. The process uses quenching + tempering. The quenching temperature is required to be between 960 ~ 980 ℃, the heating rate is appropriate, not too fast, the holding time is appropriate to ensure the uniform temperature of the pipe body, water quenching is used, and the water in the quenching tank is stirred + internal axial flow to ensure that there is enough Cooling rate. The quenching time is 10min to ensure that the pipe body is fully hardened. The tempering temperature is controlled between 740 and 760 ° C, and the heat preservation time is appropriate. After heat preservation, it is cooled to room temperature by air cooling. Sampling and testing after heat treatment.