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Daily review of stainless steel plates and coils
Source:Xinsteel   Date:2020/4/14
Wuxi market: The price of spot mainstream products in Wuxi market today increased by 50-100 yuan / ton, especially the 304 cold and hot rolling of private production sites have been significantly increased. The market period began last Thursday, and spot transactions began to improve significantly. The price of gold and other futures in May rose by 200 yuan / ton, which is also expected by the market. At present, steel mills have a preference for futures orders. Today ’s spot transactions are better, but most market traders take goods.
Foshan market: Spot prices in the Foshan market opened steadily today. In the morning, the prices of May futures such as Qingshan and Yongjin were raised. Market traders also followed the price adjustment in the afternoon. The price is raised by 100 ~ 200 yuan / ton, and the market feedback is good today, especially the futures orders are more popular, and the spot transactions are also good, and the market atmosphere is more lively.