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Rolled composite steel plate and production method
Source:Xinsteel   Date:2020/5/18
Rolled composite steel plate is a composite of two steel materials after rolling, and the bonding surface between the two metals forms a metallurgical bond, which is combined into a high-strength steel plate. At present, the rolled composite steel plate is basically a composite of carbon steel and stainless steel formed by combining carbon steel as a base material and stainless steel as a coating. The thickness of the coating and the thickness of the substrate can be arbitrarily combined according to user needs.
The production method of the rolled composite steel plate is to clean the scale and other debris on the bonding surface of the substrate and the cladding plate of a certain thickness, and then stack them into a pair of sheets. Together, after coating a pair of sheet coatings with an anti-stick coating, the substrate is on the outside, the two pairs of sheets are stacked together on the inside, and then the width and the two pairs of sheets are used on the periphery of the two pairs of sheets Strips of equal thickness are welded and vacuumed, then heated and rolled, and the rolled steel plates are cut and separated to form two composite steel plates. The composite steel plate produced by the rolling method has the advantages of good surface quality, high dimensional accuracy, high cladding bonding rate and high production efficiency.
The stainless composite steel plate realizes the complementary advantages of the two materials, and has the performance of the two materials. It not only meets the mechanical properties required by the engineering structure, but also has excellent corrosion resistance. It can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, water conservancy, Municipal construction and other industries.