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Weekly review of stainless steel pipes and profiles
Source:Xinsteel   Date:2020/5/16
Pipes and profiles price: This week the profile market is showing a steady and strong trend. The round steel price has been raised twice by Qingshan. The cumulative price of 304 rose by 300 yuan / ton to 12750 yuan / ton. The 316L has risen by 500 yuan / ton after many mills cease to offer, and the spot price has increased by 500 yuan / ton. It is reported that the current order has been received until August, and some products with specifications are out of stock. In terms of wire rod, Qingshan continued to stop offer to outside, and Dainan manufacturers had increased prices due to the shortage of waste resources, but the price increase range was limited due to the weak transaction situation. Flat-angle channel steel manufacturers are mainly keep their price unchanged, and the difficulty of sale continues to be maintained.
The pipe market is also dominated by stable and strong operations. Affected by the increase in raw materials for seamless pipes, mainstream pipe manufacturers also slightly increased the price this week, and the actual transactions are still mainly based on the completion of pre-orders. Some manufacturers said that the recent inquiry is acceptable but the actual purchase is still delayed. The welded pipe market has been adjusted up a lot in the previous period, and this week mostly transitioned to a flat market. The trading atmosphere is good, and the enthusiasm for placing orders has also recovered significantly.